Purchase Summary

TreeTops Terms and Conditions

TreeTops activities involve an inherent risk. You MUST adhere to the below Terms and Conditions at all times to prevent serious
or fatal injuries, paralysis or fracture. TreeTops will uphold these Terms and Conditions for safety reasons and for the enjoyment
of all. It is your responsibility to ensure that all participants in your group meet these requirements.

  1. General Terms 
    1. All participants must be healthy, weigh less than 120kg, fit into TreeTops’ safety equipment, be attired appropriately (see Clause 2) and be covered by a waiver form to be permitted to participate in the Activities. We may be required to conduct a weight assessment to ensure customer safety and appropriate speed on ziplines. Anyone who does not meet these requirements will not be permitted to participate. It is your responsibility to ensure that all participants of your group meet these requirements. 
    2. The Activities can be challenging and participation is not without risk. TreeTops strongly recommends that pregnant women, people with pre-existing conditions (including history of dislocation) or heart problems do not take part. If participants have medical concerns they are advised to consult their doctor prior to making a booking. Participants will be required to certify that they do not suffer from any medical condition. 
    3. TreeTops reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or to remove visitors or participants from TreeTops should management consider it necessary to do so. This may include, but is not limited to:
      • Non-compliance with safety rules and safety system;
      • Behaving inappropriately or disrespectfully;
      • Appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
    4. It is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure infants, children, juniors and youths in their care follow the safety rules and are behaving appropriately.
    5. No refunds or compensation will be payable by TreeTops in the event that any participant is not permitted to, or decides not to commence, undertake or complete the Activities.
    6. TreeTops encourages participants to push their boundaries and this can be a very challenging adventure for some. Everyone is encouraged to move at their own pace. TreeTops staff assist with flow as much as possible. Please be patient with people in front of you and respect their abilities. You must respect a safety distance and capacity limit as per rules provided.
    7. All participants are required to wear personal protection equipment provided by TreeTops as fitted/checked by an instructor. 
    8. TreeTops provide hairnets, for hygiene reasons, to be used at your discretion. All helmets are sanitised after each use. 
    9. No food is to be consumed whilst wearing a harnesses. 
    10. Harnesses must be removed at the TreeTops office, prior to using the bathroom, including part way through the Activities. All equipment must be checked by an instructor prior to recommencing the Activities. 
    11. All safety equipment is to be returned promptly once the Activities have been completed. 
    12. For your safety and to avoid damage to the forest, it is compulsory to stay on the designated paths at all times. 
    13. It is your responsibility to ensure you keep hydrated and maintain sufficient energy levels. Drinks can be purchased at the office (water, soft drinks). No food is available from TreeTops except if you have purchased a TreeTops package including food.
    14. Please take all rubbish home for responsible disposal or recycling, as there are no bins. TreeTops parks are protected areas. One of the main reasons there are no bins is they attract native wildlife who become dependent on bins for food. Rubbish also encourage introduced species, which have a devastating effect on endangered native wildlife. 
    15. TreeTops is a smoke, alcohol and pet free environment. This is with the exception of certified assistance animals. 
    16. Children of any age not participating in the Activities must be actively supervised by a non-participating adult on the ground, whilst at TreeTops. This includes staying on the marked paths at all times.
    17. At times it is necessary for one of our Team Members to come into physical contact with a participant to provide assistance with personal protection equipment or the Activities. Any physical contact will be carried out in an appropriate and respectful manner.
  2. Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery, Cameras and Other Items 
    1. It is the responsibility of all participants to ensure that they are attired appropriately with considerations for the weather conditions and which they do not mind getting dirty or damaged. TreeTops recommend wearing long sleeves and pants.
      • Participants must wear fully enclosed flat soled shoes (sporting shoes are recommended); no exposed skin from the ankle down (skin must be covered by shoes not socks). For example: participants will not be permitted to undertake the Activities in sandals, Mary-Jane’s, thongs, ballet flats, slip-off, toed shoes etc. 
      • Jewellery including watches and rings must be removed; 
      • Long hair must be tied back; 
      • Waists must be covered and belly button piercings removed or taped over. 
    2. Out of respect to people under the Activities and to prevent loss/damage, no items can be taken on the Activities either in pockets, in bags or otherwise attached including but not limited to cameras, selfie-sticks, phones, keys and wallets etc. Valuable items should not be brought to the park. Car keys can be left with the front desk attendant. TreeTops will not be responsible for any damage to, or loss of, clothing or other personal items resulting from attending. Phones can only be used while participating in TreeTop NetWorld. If you chose to take your phone with you, TreeTops will not be responsible for any damages or loss to the device or for any injuries caused by the device.
    3. Participants can take their own GoPro’s into the trees, on the condition that they are safely attached with a GoPro-branded chest mount or elastic helmet mount supplied by the participant. Selfie sticks, wrist straps or adhesive mounts cannot be used. TreeTops does not take responsibility for GoPro equipment and climbers should take every care not to damage them while participating. 
  3. Arrival Times at The Park 
    1. Safety lessons will start promptly on time, so please be ready at your booked time which is outlined in your confirmation email. It is very important that you arrive ready for the start of your session. This means:TreeTops recommends 10-15 minutes (30 minutes for Sydney parks) for this process. Please take into consideration the time to find a car parking space and walk to the office and harnessing areas which can vary greatly from one park to the other.
      • Bathroom used; 
      • Empty pockets and jewellery/watches etc. removed; 
      • Being checked in; 
      • Completed waiver form handed to TreeTops staff.
    2. If participants miss their start times due to reasons outside their control, then it will be at the discretion of TreeTops management, as to whether they are able to accommodate the late arriving participant(s). No refunds or part-refunds will be made for late arriving participants in the event this is not possible. 
  4. Access and Car Park
    1. Please refer to our Locations pages for specific information regarding vehicle access to each site and parking availability. For your safety we request that everyone respect speed limits displayed on site and park in the designated car spaces. Please take care when driving on site and whilst walking between activities and/or the carparks provided. It is the responsibility of parents/supervisors to ensure that children are supervised at all times for their safety.
  5. Changing or Cancelling Your Booking
    Please contact the relevant park to change or cancel your booking. TreeTops recommends emailing your request.
    1. At least 10 days before booking time/date: If you contact us to change or cancel your booking with at least 10 days’ notice, this can be done subject to availability. Bookings can be moved once only. An administration fee may apply.
    2. Less than 10 days before booking time/date: Bookings cannot be changed or cancelled within 10 days of your booked time/date. No compensation (no refund or vouchers) is available. Similarly, there will be no refund of entries or compensation available if participants choose not to participate and the park is open and operating as usual (including during rain and light winds). 
    3. Activities Closure: In the event it proves necessary to close the Activities due to reasons beyond the control of TreeTops eg: extreme weather including lightning, high winds or storm; unscheduled maintenance in circumstances where you have commenced participation in the Activities, you shall not be entitled to any refund or compensation (in part or in whole). In such circumstances TreeTops will reschedule your booking to a mutually convenient date and time, within 6 months. 
  6. Waiver Form (Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risks)
    These Terms and Conditions incorporate TreeTops’ waiver form. All participants must be covered by a waiver form. An adult must sign the waiver form for any under 18’s. TreeTops recommend parent/guardian sign a waiver for their child. A copy of the waiver form will be emailed with the booking confirmation or can be downloaded from the TreeTops website.
  7. Incidents 
    Our friendly instructors are here to help and answer your questions. If you need assistance or witness an issue, you must report it as soon as practical on the day.
  8. TreeTop Adventure Park Children’s Courses (White, Yellow, Orange and Purple)
    1. In addition to requirements above 1 to 6, all Children must be at least 3 years old in order to participate.
    2. TreeTops requires at least one (1) adult to supervise (and encourage) the Children from the ground. There is no fee or ticket required for this supervising adult; supervising/spectating adults are not permitted to climb on the Children’s courses. 
    3. People over the age of 9 can participate in the Children courses if:
      • They are not 1.4 metres tall (with shoes); 
      • They are Juniors who are accompanying a group of younger Children (eg: birthday party); 
      • They are Juniors who prefer to participate on less challenging courses; 
      • They are people with reduced mental capacity or other disabilities which may result in unsafe participation in age appropriate courses. TreeTops will do their best to accommodate all abilities. This is best achieved by contacting the park in advance. 
    4. Bookings run for approximately 2 hours (includes approximately 30 minutes getting into and out of equipment and participating in a safety lesson). 
    5. Children and supervising adults must participate in a safety lesson prior to the Child climbing. It is recommended Children must complete the White/ Yellow courses independently prior to undertaking the more advanced courses. 
    6. For safety reasons, Children can only climb one 2-hour session per day. This is because of the increased risk of injury to themselves or others due to fatigue and/or complacency. 
  9. TreeTop Adventure Park Junior/Adult Courses (Green, Blue, and Red for both Juniors and Adults; Black for 16+ recommended)
    1. In addition to requirements above, all Adult/Junior participants must be 10 years old and 1.4m tall (with shoes);
    2. Juniors 10 to 15 years old must have a participating Adult supervising them ON the course. One (1) Adult can supervise up to four (4) Juniors. This Adult must be booked and paid for as they will be physically participating in the Activities. Any Junior or Adult who does not meet these requirements will not be permitted to undertake the Activities;
    3. Everyone must participate in a safety lesson. No one will be permitted to participate or progress until he or she has demonstrated, to the satisfaction of TreeTops staff, that he or she is competent to do so.
    4. It is recommended courses are completed in order as instructed (Green, Blue, Red and Black) as they get progressively harder and higher;
    5. For safety reasons, Adults and Juniors can only climb the complete courses once (one booking) per day (courses cannot be repeated). This is because of the increased risk of injury to themselves or others due to fatigue and/or complacency;
    6. Management reserves the right to prevent a participant from progressing onto the next course, if, in TreeTops’ opinion, the person does not appear to be competent enough for that course;
    7. If you participate in afternoon sessions, you might not have enough time to complete all courses before the park closes. This could be due to slower climbers or a large volume of climbers in front of you. Please consider participating at an earlier time if you wish to give yourself a better chance of completing all courses.
  10. TreeTop NetWorld (Central Coast Only)
    1. In addition to requirements 1 to 6, participant must be at least 1 year old in order to participate.
    2. TreeTops requires supervision at all time at the following ratios. Infants: 1 participating adult to 1 infant; Children: 1 participating adult to 15 children; Juniors under 16: 1 adult to 15 juniors, on ground or up.
    3. Sessions run for approximately 2 hours (includes approximately 5 minutes for safety lesson).
    4. You MUST:
      • Display a valid wristband at all times to enter NetWorld;
      • Obey rules and capacity limits displayed in each area;
      • Keep a safe distance to avoid collisions (2 metres around you);
      • Treat others with care;
      • When an instructor blows the whistle: stop and listen to instructions.
    5. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to:
      • Climb up nets and treehouse or access any part of the park that you cannot walk to;
      • No acrobatics allowed including somersaults and flips that could result in you landing on your head, back, neck or any part of your body or someone else that could be damaged;
      • Push people around or up, throw someone up or around, give a leg up or carry anyone on your shoulders.
  11. TreeTop Crazy Rider (Central Coast and Western Sydney Parks Only) 
    1. In addition to requirements 1 to 6, participants MUST weigh more than 25kg (Western Sydney) or 40kg (Central Coast) to participate. Youths 15 years old and under must have an adult with them at all times. Unless participating, there is no fee or ticket required for this supervising adult.
    2. One booking entitles the participant to one ride only (except for 2-rides bookings) on the Activity booked or both if the Combo has been booked. TreeTops suggests participants allocate 30 minutes for the Xpress (Western Sydney), 30 minutes for the Pioneer (Central Coast), 60 minutes for the Xtreme (Central Coast) and 75 minutes for the Combo (Central Coast). Completion times are a guide only and may vary in peak periods such as weekends, school holidays or in large groups.
  12. Vertical Challenges (Central Coast Park Only)
    1. In addition to requirements 1 to 6, anyone 15 years old and under must have an adult with them at all times. Unless participating, there is no fee or ticket required for this supervising adult.
    2. One booking entitles the participant to a 30-minute session on three vertical challenges. An instructor is supervising the group at all time.
  13. TreeHut Suspended Function Space (Central Coast Park Only)
    1. There is a maximum of 30 people permitted in the TreeHut at any given time. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by at least one (1) adult whilst in the TreeHut. There is no pram or wheelchair access into the TreeHut. 
    2. All items must be located away from the balustrades at all times, to prevent items falling on other park users (eg: cameras, sunglasses, cutlery etc.) and to avoid the likelihood of children using items to climb over the balustrade. 
    3. TreeHut is available to be booked on a 30-minute basis, on the hour and half hour. Every half hour started will be due in full, no pro-rata bookings or payments will be accepted. If you are late, your booked time is the time used to calculate the duration of your booking. 
    4. All food, drink, cutlery, crockery, table cloths, cleaning materials and all other equipment are to be provided by the group, unless a catering option has been purchased separately from TreeTops. 
    5. All rubbish and recycling is to be completely removed from the TreeHut, the park and the forest by the group. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure all rubbish is completely removed. Two (2) heavy duty garbage bags (1 x general waste, 1 x recycling) will be provided by TreeTops for rubbish removal purposes by the group. 
    6. A $50 cleaning deposit is required to be paid, in addition to full payment in advance to secure your booking. This deposit will be refunded after your booking is completed, only if TreeTops staff confirm all rubbish and recycling has been removed by the group and the TreeHut is suitably clean (in the same condition as when the booking was commenced). 
  14. Party Rooms (Sydney - The Hills Park Only)
    1. Party packages include: TreeTop Adventure Park climb (either child, junior or adult), 1 hour party space hire, party food platters, water or a choice of soft drink (1 drink per person).
    2. Extra options are available for purchase for additional fees.
    3. There are two party spaces available for hire: The Monkey Room indoor party space and The Jungle outdoor party space.
    4. Each party space is available to be booked on a 1 hour basis. Every hour started will be due in full, no pro-rata bookings or payments will be accepted.
    5. Minimum booking 10 people. Maximum 30 people per space. Each party space can only seat 25 people.
    6. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by at least one (1) adult whilst in a party space. There is pram and wheelchair access into the party spaces. Although there are TreeTops’ staff on site, supervision, hosting and guiding guests between TreeTops Reception and the courses, is your responsibility at all times.
    7. There may be another party being celebrated after yours, so we’d appreciate your cooperation in promptly vacating your party space at the end of the booked time.
  15. TreeTops loyalty card
    1. Each loyalty card is personal and not transferable between people. The card is only valid if card holder information has been filled out in full. Validity is 12 months from date of first stamp.
    2. Participate 9 times within 12 months (any adventure, any TreeTops park) to obtain your reward. The reward is a voucher for one of TreeTops adventure, valid for 6 months from card’s last stamp at the selected location. The voucher must be used to book the selected adventure at www.TreeTops.com.au. The voucher will be sent to the e-mail listed on the loyalty Card.
    3. The card will only be stamped if the person is participating in one of the adventure activities at one of the TreeTops location on the day the card is presented for stamping, if the person participating is the same as the person named on the card.
    4. The loyalty card can only be stamped at time of check in and will NOT be stamped on another day if the card holder has forgotten to get it stamped on the day of participation.
    5. The loyalty card or the vouchers is not a booking.
    6. TreeTops Terms and Conditions and special participation requirements apply to each booking.
  16. Gift Vouchers/BookingCredit
    1. Gift Vouchers and Booking Credits are valid for the ticket type, adventure and location indicated on the voucher only.
    2. Please check the expiry date as expired Gift Vouchers and Booking Credits are unable to be honoured.

At TreeTops we will make every effort to ensure you enjoy a unique and exhilarating experience.
Please talk to us if you have any questions.